Author: Julie Frey

New Bipolar Treatment Proves Patients Can Control Their Mania

It would be great if bipolar suffers could control their manic attacks. Now, researchers in Australia claim that they can. The researchers have developed a new form of treatment that gives bipolar patients more control over their lives than they have ever had. bipolar disorder is characterized by extreme mood swings from periods of excitability to periods of depression and back again. Bipolar 1 disorder affects over two million U.S. citizens every year. In many people, the mood swings can be so great that it prevents them from being able to live a normal life. This roller coaster of...

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Irregular Sleep Patterns Can Trigger Manic Depression

For a long time, it’s been well recognized among bipolar researchers that mania and depression can affect sleep patterns. When a bipolar sufferer is experiencing acute mania, he may be too manic to sleep. Conversely, when he is going through a depressive episode, he may sleep too much and literally not feel like getting out of bed. What many researchers have discovered as well is that the manic/depressive cycle works both ways. In other words, a lack of sleep can potentially trigger manic episodes. Studies are showing that up to 60 percent of bipolar suffers who have gone through...

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