Author: Joanne Miller

How Does Stress Lead To Depression And How Can We Prevent It

What is stress? And how can it affect our lives? Stress is considered a hindrance for the human body. But actually, if it is present in small quantities, it has a good effect upon us. Its role is to keep the mind and body awake; it plays a role in our motivation and makes the tasks that we do every day more exciting. But when it builds up, and it isn’t released, it can become UN constructive for our body. It doesn’t motivate us anymore, we become more aggressive towards the people around us, and we can’t seem to...

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Depression And Thinking Right

So what does depression and thinking right have to do with feeling happy again. Well you will find that the two are actually interconnected. Generally people who have depression don’t think the way a normal happy person does, therefore one of the best things to do is to change the way that a depressed person thinks. So how can you change the thought process of a depressed person? Well depression and thinking right can be easily achieved if you know and follow the best methods. Basically a depressed person likes to think about how bad their life is and...

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Facts And Thoughts About Depression And ADHD In Children

ADHD means attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and It’s a condition that appears in some children and might affect their childhood, and even a large part of their life. The main thing that this syndrome does is that it doesn’t allow children to pay attention to what’s happening around them, or sometimes it is manifested by not being able to control their behaviors. Another good to know fact is that many children seem to have this syndrome around the world. Studies show that 1 out of 30 children are likely to have the adhd syndrome. Depression has an important role...

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Retractable Depression: Fact Or Fiction?

Is there such a thing as retractable depression? One must first study the root meaning of retractable. Retractable depression has a connotation that the sufferer is able to ‘pull’ out of in and go back in to the depression state, at free will. Nothing could be further from the truth. Depression sufferers do not generally have the ability to ‘snap out of it’ or they would gladly do so. You don’t very often hear of someone who is suffering from depression that are happy about the diagnosis or suspected diagnosis. Depression is a state that promotes negative feelings about...

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