Author: Jessica Mendoza

What’s One More Day?

I hate running. But if I didn’t run, I wouldn’t get to my goal weight. And if I didn’t get to my goal weight, I wouldn’t feel accomplished. I tried running when I was 16, I just hated it. And when I looked at how much I had left to run, I felt like giving up. The pavement stretched out for miles in front of me. It was too much for my out-of-shape body to handle. As I was running for some reason I decided to look down. I started to remember that game I used to play when...

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5 Signs That You’re Beating Depression

When it comes to our goals, we’re so focused on the end that we don’t celebrate how far we’ve come. I remember when my plan to move to Austin was set in motion. I was so fixated on January 1st. It was all I could think about. any time I felt like I wouldn’t get to leave on the 1st, I’d beat myself up about it. I wasn’t even giving myself credit for the little things I did each day to get me closer to my goal. It’s the same for Depression. We’re only focused on the main goal, recovering. What about the things we do each day despite the depression we face? Here’s 5 signs that you’re beating depression: 1. You got out of bed today. Yeah, it’s true. We all know that on really terrible days it’s incredibly hard to do anything much less get out of bed. If you manage to do that, then you did something to help yourself today. 2. You took a shower. I have this saying. A shower makes me feel 20% better no matter what. It always worked for me. Even if I was at 10%, a shower would get me up to 30% in no time. It makes you feel good. Like you’re taking care of yourself. It makes you feel “normal.” 3. You used a coping skill. Deep breaths,...

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