Author: Jeff Foster

Depression And Suicide: Someone Intervene Before It Gets That Bad!

Depending on how depression impacts a person it is possible that depression can lead to thoughts of suicide and depending on the magnitude of the depression sometimes those thoughts can lead a person to actually commit suicide. What keeps us from noticing the signs and from intervening before it gets to that level? Do we simply not recognize the signs are do we choose to ignore them out of ignorance? For many suffering with depression feel as if it is a relief, the final end for those who have struggled mightily with the demons of depression. However, too often the loved ones and family members of those who are suffering most deeply with depression believe incorrectly that there is simply no way that suicide will be the end result. This fallacy has led to many a broken family as suicide and depression go hand in hand far too often. We are quite incapable as families and friends of those suffering with depression to “treat” the condition. It is vital that you help the person suffering by getting them to a professional who can help. Find a professional that will listen and don’t stop advocating for your loved one until you get the help they need. There is no need in trying to really understand the depths of depression and the demons that it brings unless you have battled the...

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Depression After A Loss

A problem that many people deal with throughout their lifetime is depression. Depression is a clinical problem that can occur for various reasons. In many instances, it is a chemical imbalance that is the root cause the medical condition depression. The onset of depression can manifest itself on its own or can be triggered by a specific scenario or event. For the purpose of this article we’ll discuss dealing with a state of depression occurring after the loss of a loved one. The first aspect that we need to discuss about depression and the loss of a loved one is that everyone will experience some level of grieving for a period of time. Grieving is a natural process that we all go through after such a traumatic event in our lives. The act of grieving is not in and of itself a sign of clinical depression. However, statistically speaking about 33 percent of people feel a sense of depression after a loss for as long as a month after the loss; and approximately 15% continue with feelings of depression for up to a year or longer after the loss of a loved one. A diagnosis of clinical depression is arrived at because the patient is experiencing chronic sadness and a lack of energy that lasts for two weeks or longer without a break in the mood. Persistent thoughts of...

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Stress And Diet

A great way to deal with one’s stress is to engage in some sort of exercise. In fact, combining a bit of regular exercise with a proper diet makes for a great defense against the onset of chronic stress. Studies involving the effects and outcomes of nutrition are difficult to accurately assess and interpret at best… as the most current study seems to contradict earlier ones. However, over the years, the common thread between nutrition and stress is that a well balanced diet is an ally in reducing the amount of stress. If your eating habits leave your diet...

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Depression In Children

Kids don’t have problems… right? Well they are children and life should be joyful and childlike in happiness. However, that is not always the case since depression in children can strike children just as clinical depression can strike adults. Has your child not been acting like themselves lately? Have you noticed that your child is not eating as much as usual? Are your children not enjoying the activities which used to entertain them for hours on end? This could be due to something that happened recently (bad grades in school, a death in the family, etc.) and has them feeling down in the dumps, but if that’s the case then you should know about it from your child and talk it through. If nothing (apparent to you) has happened recently which would cause this feeling to overwhelm your child, then it could be something more serious; it could be perhaps chronic depression. Chronic depression is very serious, and when depression in children occurs, it frequently goes unnoticed. In these cases it is up to you to decipher fact from fiction between depression and a time of just being plain sad. It is possible that your child could be dealing with depression if they have a loss of appetite. Are your kids eating or are your children eating significantly less than is normal for them? Another symptom of depression to...

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Curing Stress Vs Coping With Stress

There are many avenues and techniques used for coping with stress. Relaxation techniques, engaging in a creative activity, a good workout, or relaxing walk. Coping, however, isn’t curing. If you want to deal with chronic stress in an effective manner it is necessary to get at the root cause. Stress is generally a two pronged attack on you… external and internal… essentially the two colliding factors are what has happened and how you internalize the level of seriousness. The sum of these two products determines what your ability to cope is with any given situation. Certainly life offers up...

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