Author: Jean Walbridge, ACSW, LCSW

On Trusting Adolescents

Let’s say for purposes of this discussion that ‘trust’ is believing that somebody or something will meet your expectations. Reasonable trust is then based on realistic expectations. ‘Blind trust’ is a belief that somebody or something will meet your expectations, in the absence of any evidence or in spite of significant evidence to the contrary. An example of ‘blind trust’ would be a husband’s belief that his alcoholic wife will give up drinking based solely on her exhibition of remorse after her repeated binges. Such trust is ‘blind’ to the realities of the other person’s behavior and limitations. When...

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On Lying in Adolescence

Several questions submitted recently to this site are from parents concerned that their children have lied to them. For instance, a mother writes in to complain of her 13-year-old’s having invited a friend over after school instead of practicing his piano while the mother was at work. It isn’t even that he skipped piano practice that the mother minds so much, as that her son lied to her about it. She says, “My son is transforming into a new creature.” And, by implication, she’s not so sure she likes the new creature he is becoming. He never used to...

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