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What Are Non Medication Treatments For Depression In Bipolar

It is a common question among bipolar sufferers and their loved ones. What are non medication treatments for depression in bipolar? Are there any? Popular belief is that bipolar disorder can only be controlled by a lifetime regime of strong medication. The answer to the question is a resounding yes. Several non-medication approaches have now been shown to be of benefit when added to the conventional medications for depression in bipolar. mood stabilizer tactics and therapies are now emerging and being slowly embraced by some mental health practitioners. Regulating daily schedules and patterns of sleep, using light therapy and implementing regular exercise programs are now included as treatments for some bipolar patients. NON MEDICATION TREATMENTS FOR DEPRESSION IN BIPOLAR Maintaining a regular daily schedule. One approach that is crucial for some patients with bipolar disorder is to maintain a regular daily schedule, especially regular patterns of sleep. One such therapy is organized around the daily schedule idea, in particular having a regular time to go to sleep, and a regular time to wake up and get out of bed. Light Therapy. A recent study published in Canada showed that approximately 100 patients with winter affective depression were randomly assigned to Prozac or a standard light box. There was equal improvement in both groups, with the light box marginally faster in lowering depression scores. This means that the light therapy...

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The Initial Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder: Spot Them Early

Many bipolar sufferers are unaware that their condition exists. The initial symptoms of bipolar disorder, commonly known as manic depression, start to manifest during adolescence and can be triggered at any time. Fortunately this disorder, thought to be a chemical brain imbalance, can be treated very successfully. The main concern is to spot the initial symptoms of bipolar early, so that an accurate diagnosis can be made and the appropriate treatment started. If someone in your circle of family and friends has bipolar disorder, then you would already know the effect it has on their daily lives. Contrary to popular belief, individuals suffering with bipolar disorder are not always depressed and morose. the very nature of bipolar means that wild mood swings occur moving from high to low in a short space of time. These mood swings can be quite difficult to distinguish. The illness is highly likely to recur frequently, affecting a person for their entire lifetime. The best long-term treatment is achieved by fostering and maintaining a strong support group.This of course is totally dependent on being able to spot the initial symptoms of bipolar disorder in the first place. HOW TO SPOT DEPRESSION Correctly identifying depression is a tricky exercise, and can baffle even the most experienced professional. One obvious sign of depression is a sad or anxious mood manifesting over an extended period. Another can...

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Early Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis: It’s Not That Easy!

Diagnosing bipolar disorder has always been tricky, particularly for doctors and therapists. If there was a laboratory test or x-ray that could give a definitive bipolar disorder diagnosis, preliminary investigations by doctors would provide a much clearer result. This lack of quantifiable analysis is part of the reason for the difficulty in determining whether the symptoms indicate mental illness or not. Accurate diagnosis is usually only reached after careful analysis of behaviour, thought patterns and consultation with family and loved ones. Why Accurate Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis Is So Tricky Symptoms indicating a bipolar disorder diagnosis could also indicate other...

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