Author: Janie Jonah

Introduction To Alternative Treatments For Depression

There are a number of treatments available to sufferers of depression who are looking for more help than using antidepressants alone in fighting depression. Treatments ranging from herbs and acupuncture to guided imagery are all finding their place in an ever modernizing approach to treating depression. Although this field of medicine is vast, it is worth looking at treatments that are becoming increasingly popular with those looking to help them deal with their depression. There are a number of herbal treatments available all claiming to relieve the symptoms of depression. Very few of them however do as most are...

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Depression In Adolescence

Growing up is something we all have to face. This often brings with it the consequences that are not particularly welcome. Our biggest changes occur in our youth and in particularly during adolescence where we undergo, huge changes, not only physical but also emotional and psychological. This can be very overwhelming and difficult for teens to cope with. Particularly within the family setting the teen can feel isolated as he may very well feel he is going through these changes alone. This can affect his mood and so the risks of developing depression is heightened. Some of the factors that can contribute to a teenager developing depression are teens suffering from anxiety and those with learning difficulties or attention deficit disorder. Depression in teens can be difficult to diagnose as being moody is a very common symptom of adolescent development. With all these emotions building up inside, a teenager may find it embarrassing and feel ashamed to ask for help. They might also not be aware of the symptoms of depression and may not recognize that they have an illness that is actually very common and one for which there is a considerable amount of help available to sufferers of depression. Depression is a very serious illness and can result in attempts to take there own life as well as successfully committing suicide. The fact that anti-depressants are not...

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