Author: James P Krehbiel, EdS.

When Our Children Become Sad

When Our Children Become Sad One could easily say that Nathan was born into the wrong family.  Had he been raised in the family next door, things might have turned out differently.  Nevertheless, I was faced with a teenager whose sadness was overwhelming.  He was immobilized by a deep depression that was affecting his motivation to perform quality work at school and to connect appropriately with age-mates. On the day that Nathan visited me for therapy, he was particularly disturbed.  After being awakened on a school day by his alcoholic father, he was told that he was “worthless” because...

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Grief: When the Landscape of Loss Lingers

Within the period of three months, I lost three loved ones. Two of them died three days apart. Although I knew the end was eminent as I processed each situation, my knowledge and anticipation did not soothe me – it only served to bring me closer to the inevitability of my own mortality. Some say that God will never burden us with more that we can endure – those words seem like idle chatter – it was all too much to bear. I braced myself for the predictability and shock of my pain and sought to manage its effects....

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Troubled Childhood-The Breeding Ground for Sexual Abuse

The very institutions that are supposed to protect our citizens from harm are now embroiled in conflict as they contend with the secrecy and shame of sexual abuse. The fabric of our culture has been shaken to the core by the perpetration and deception surrounding sexual assault. What should be a healthy sexual instinct and act has become a deadly, destructive weapon when it is used by those who are not conscious of the depth of their inner-darkness. One’s “seedy-side,” in need of transformation, remains sublimated rather than redeemed. Twisted thoughts, urges and behaviors get linked to sexual desires...

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Recovery is Possible from Adverse Childhood Experiences

Tales of a Troubled Childhood One afternoon I received a telephone call from an anxious young man in his mid-20s. He wanted to see me for counseling regarding a relationship problem. I asked him the typical scheduling question – “Tell me what might work for you in terms of availability?” His response was “How about in an hour?” Fortunately, his urgent request worked for me. Alex was a massive-sized former Big-10 football player who came for the first time to therapy to find answers to his problems. After getting comfortable in my office, he said, “I’m so upset because...

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Cognitive Therapy for Anorexia Nervosa

anorexia nervosa is a troublesome disorder characterized by an obsession with weight and food. With a target group consisting primarily of adolescent girls (80-90%), the anorexic will crave food, but will refuse to eat or retain it because of an overwhelming fear of weight gain. The individual may stop eating almost entirely, and will deny that her behavior is abnormal and that health is deteriorating. Typically, the anorexic will say that “she feels fat,” even when she is obviously underweight. The behavior of the anorexic may be characterized by a pattern of social withdrawal, rigorous exercise, and ritualistic eating...

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