Author: Ernest Quansah

Soulmates, Are They Pre-ordained?

One day a telegram arrived at a man’s door. When he opened it, he learned that his best friend had passed away… I was at conference recently where I heard this most inspiring story. The story was about a boy and a girl who grew up together as best friends. As they grew into adulthood, they became pre-occupied with their personal lives. Although, they knew that they lived just down the street from each other, they were too busy to seek out one another. Every week they wanted to visit each other but thought to themselves, “Oh well, I...

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Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships

Do’s are what enhances relationships. Don’ts are what kill relationships. Our surrounding is made up of different people from different backgrounds. Our upbringing, past dating and relationship experiences, etc. all mold our thinking. Even the consequences from our own relationship choices may mold our thinking. As a result, you may develop positive or negatives characteristics from your past relationship experiences. Hence the experiences will become characteristics you will take into the next relationship. So in effect, whether your relationships is going to work or not is predetermined. It all depends on the characteristics you choose to take with you...

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