Author: Dolores G Wix

How To Build Your Self Confidence After a Layoff

First, do something that will improve the way you look such as a new haircut, hair color, new makeup, or new clothing. Or all of them! When you look good, you feel more confident! Also, give attention to the way you stand and move. Not only is it a message to the outside world, more importantly, it is a message to yourself. If you feel that it doesn’t matter how you walk or how you stand, then, in effect, you are saying that you don’t matter. Walk and stand as if you mattered and as if you are honoring...

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How To Guard Your Self Esteem After a Layoff

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Without a doubt, your self-esteem takes a hit when you’re laid off. The hidden message seems to be that a company did not value you enough to keep you. But it can go much deeper than even that. Because of the fierce competition for the few jobs that are available, it could cause someone looking for work to gradually lose their self-respect if they aren’t hired right away. Some have even become so desperate that they have resorted to shoplifting or armed robbery, which, of course,...

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