Author: David Faulkner

The Keys To Fighting Depression

“Know your enemy.” It was the advice which the great Chinese Warrior Sun Tzu gave to his soldiers on the eve of battle, and which led them to many triumphs. It is also invaluable advice for anyone who is fighting depression. Only those who know the early signs of clinical depression will be in a position to seek treatment before it takes complete control of their lives. This may sound like wishful thinking to anyone who is fighting depression, simply because one of the most debilitating aspects of depression is that it robs its victims of the will to act. But depression is a vicious cycle. Those who fail to take action will only become less and less to do so as time passes. Small Efforts Add Up Fighting depression, once it has been diagnosed, can be as simple as forcing yourself to get out of bed in the mooring and get dressed, even if you don’t have the will to leave the house. Fighting depression can be done in small increments; getting dressed today can lead to going out into the yard tomorrow, next week. You may be one of the many people who suffer from recurring bouts of depression, and if so you probably are aware of its onset. If you think you may be about to experience another episode, begin fighting the depression before it gets...

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Antidepressant Side Effects: Proceed With Care

Every drug, because it is an artificially produced combination of chemicals not found in nature, produces side effects. Not all prescription drug side effects are serious, and not all people will experience the same side effects from the same drugs. Some prescription drug side effects, in fact, have proven beneficial enough that they become selling points for the drugs. But as far as antidepressant side effects are concerned, the news has been, for the most part, somewhat alarming. Antidepressants are more widely prescribed than ever, and are now used to treat anxiety disorders as well as clinical depression, and...

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