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How To Beat Procrastination Once and For All (By Tricking Your Mind)

Procrastination is a trap that is easy to fall into. Plus, it’s as simple as being assigned a task that you simply don’t want to do. You’ll end up knocking easier things off your list, without daring touch the harder objectives on your to-do list. When you look back at these tasks that you skipped over, you can’t help but feel embarrassed at your procrastination. However, the main problem is that each and every one of us is programmed to procrastinate. Most of us regularly only perform tasks that promise reward, then procrastinating the rest of the tasks at...

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Nootropics as a Potential Mental Health Treatment

Finally, Psychiatrists are Taking Nootropics Seriously as Potential Mental Health Treatment If you are looking for a natural alternative to expensive prescription medications, many psychiatrists are finally starting to acknowledge the positive effects of nootropics and antioxidants on the brain’s neurochemistry. More and more, psychiatrists are starting to realize that they need to understand these holistic and natural alternatives, and you should understand them, too. Taking supplements can dramatically improve your mental performance and are now starting to be widely recognized by psychiatrists as an alternative means of treating mental health. Let’s talk first about nootropics. What are Nootropics? “Nootropics” are the technical name for so-called “smart drugs” or “neuronenhancers.” They are supplements designed to take your physical performance to its peak. These are especially popular among hardworking young professionals or medical students who need to have their brain work at peak performance while working on difficult problems or studying for long hours. Already, more than 16 percent of young adults in the United States take some form of herbal or prescribed cognitive enhancement to help get them through schoolwork. Yet students and young urban professionals aren’t the only people using these supplements. Many surgeons use them to stay focused while working late at night without sleep. Supplements such as modafinil work to help get these physicians through sleepless hours of long surgery. A number of contemporary bioethicists are...

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