Author: Dane Loveless

Common Kinds of Depression

What is Depression? Depression is a disorder, engaged in a person’s body, mood and thoughts. It can influence and interrupts eating, sleeping or judging manner. It is different from unhappiness or a “down” feeling. It is also not an indication of personal flaws or a condition that can be motivated or wanted away. Persons with this disorder cannot just gather themselves together and get well. Usually, treatment is important and significantly vital to healing. Are there different types of depression? Yes, there are actually three primary types of depression. Most of these are established by how ominous the signs...

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Finding Help For Someone With Depression

How do I know if a friend of loved one is experiencing depression? Each person experiences depression differently. Depression generally comes in episodes and the same person will usually experience it similarly with each episode. Symptoms almost always include these three symptoms: Loss of interest in regular tasks. Feelings of sadness. Mood swings. Other symptoms may include a combination of any of the following: Feelings of despair and doubt. Feelings of unimportance Guilt Impatience and unpredictability. An increase or decrease in weight from desire or lack of desire for eating. Thoughts of suicide. Irregularity in sleeping which may include...

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