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How do you know if you’re about to end a bad relationship or splitting?

Are you about to end a bad relationship or splitting? Do you feel your partner causes you to feel bad about yourself? Are they really responsible for how you feel or could they be triggering feelings deep within yourself? How do you know if they are mistreating you or you’re being triggered? Often, we blame others for how we feel, so we project that they treat us badly, in order avoid feeling bad about ourselves. Splitting causes the individual to have a distorted perception of themselves and others. Often, a person does not understand if they are reacting because...

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How to Raise a Narcissist

Parents who are narcissists will often be competitive, and live their life through their child. Their child has to be perfect, in order for the parent to feel good about themselves. Parents who are narcissistic themselves see their child as a narcissistic extension of their own self esteem. In particular, if their child performs well they feel grandiose or perfect; if their child does not live up to their idealized expectations, the parent feels inadequate about themselves. The parent projects their own inadequate feelings on to the child, by putting pressure on the child to perform; leaving the child...

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Why Relationships End Badly

Why do so many individuals wait for that special soulmate, to be everything they wanted, and how does this fantasy blind them, creating bitter disillusionment and heartache? How is real intimacy achieved? Why relationships end badly? Many are on the conquest to find their perfect soulmate, who can meet all their needs, to be their rock or give them unconditional love. Yet they become disappointed when the person they pined after does not meet these needs. After the honeymoon shine is over, the real relationship emerges, as partners give up trying to impress each other; while they begin to...

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