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Tips to Balance Work and Mental Health

Tips to Balance Work and Mental Health Usually defined as the ability to get the time to pursue all the aspects of a healthy life, “work-life balance” refers to the act of striking a balance between work and other activities of life, including enjoying eight hours of sleep, regular exercise, preparing exotic dishes for the family and indulging in activities that make you a sound human being. No matter how easy it may sound, but balancing work and family life can be a big challenge, and in order to overcome it, one needs to chalk out a plan in...

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Real Men Reach Out for Help When the Road Gets Rough

Raymond Smith (name changed), 39,  “Real men reach out for help when the road gets rough, it’s not just a woman thing,” I say this to every man battling depression. Living in a culture which always stopped me from expressing my mental condition, as it was seen as a sign of weakness, only aggravated the stigma surrounding my depressive episodes. Today, the words of the awe-inspiring Massachusettian writer Lori Deschene have become the motto of my life – “Pain is not a sign of weakness, but bearing it alone is a choice to grow weak.” I urge each one...

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