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3 Theories of Personality and How to Apply Them

3 Theories of Personality and How to Apply Them It’s hard not to be interested in the concept of personality. How is it, when their DNA is more than 99.999 percent the same, that two people can behave so differently and develop such vastly different opinions? Even siblings, who develop in identical environments — or seemingly close to it — can become people with polar-opposite personalities. Even within individuals, personality is difficult to understand; most of us compulsively take personality quizzes to gain greater insight into who we are and why. Psychologists are just as fascinated by personality as...

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Is Digital Mental Health the Way of the Future?

Imagine that it’s time for your weekly appointment with your therapist. You settle in, get comfortable on the couch, and proceed to spend the next hour discussing a difficult relationship. Your therapist gives you a few “assignments” to work on before your next session — and then you both log out of the online counseling service. Digital tools, including online counseling services, apps, and even wearable devices are revolutionizing the world of mental health. Not only can patients now access counselors or other professionals via video, but electronic tools can also help monitor patients and recommend interventions before a...

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What You Need to Know About Antipsychotic Medications

If you or a loved one is about to start taking new medication, it is always important to understand what the drugs are being used for and how they can help, what the different types available are, how long they should be taken, and what side effects could be an issue. This is particularly true of antipsychotic medication, no matter the age of the patient. Read on for the lowdown on what you need to know about these types of drugs today. What Are Antipsychotic Medications and How Can They Help? Antipsychotic drugs are a group of medications that...

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The Holistic Way to Sobriety

If you’ve got a problem with alcohol, just stop drinking, right? Well, not really. If it were that easy, everyone who wanted to stop would do it. The issue is that alcohol addiction doesn’t exist by itself. It’s usually symptomatic of other things going on in someone’s life, whether stress, depression, pain, or some combination of factors that seem overwhelming without the numbing escape mechanism that alcohol provides. Just as quitting is not as simple as putting down the glass, for many people it’s also not even as straightforward as going to support groups and working to keep their...

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