Author: Avery Phillips

The Mental Healing of Gems and Crystals

The Mental Healing of Gems and Crystals Gems and crystals are more than just pretty rocks. They have metaphysical properties that promote physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Each type of stone has unique vibrations and abilities that can aid you in life. You can definitely purchase these crystals as jewelry at a store, but you could also make it a more personal experience and craft jewelry with crystals you found yourself? To get the most spiritual energy out of your jewelry, visit stores as well as the outdoors. The Spirituality of Gems and Jewelry Throughout time, people have adorned...

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Staying Optimistic about Mental Healthcare

Staying Optimistic about Mental Healthcare We have to acknowledge the unfortunate truth that the government and healthcare industry have failed those with mental health issues over and over again. In all cases of official healthcare discussions, it seems that people’s mental health tends to be thrown to the wayside. It’s sad considering that over 43 million Americans deal with mental health issues. However, that’s where medical health professionals are beginning to take things into their own hands. Realizing the American struggle for decent mental healthcare has incited some of those in positions of expertise or power to work at...

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