Author: Ashish Jain

How To Help A Child With Stress

If you think that you can ever frame a perfect set of rules to control children, you are mistaken. Give them maximum freedom for that is the real way to control them. Various tricks have to be employed at the appropriate time to bring children under control. A kid with lots of anger is a problem. It indeed reflects lots of stress and frustration in the child. To help child manage his stress, it is necessary first to locate the source of its negative emotions. The question of management arises when you know what exactly is to be managed....

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Identify Symptoms Of Seasonal Affective Disorder

seasonal affective disorder is not an easy disorder to diagnose because most of the time it passes as light depression. However, if it is left untreated for a long duration, the possibility of its getting worse cannot be overruled. It may start off slow with the person feeling a little low during certain seasons but may grow gradually into a disabling disorder affecting one’s normal life to a very large extent. It can throw one’s life out of gear. Generally, those suffering from this disorder feel that what they are feeling is nothing more than helplessness of a temporary...

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