Author: Anna Allen

When Someone You Love Tries To Hurt Themself

The whole ordeal really affected me.  I was an emotional wreck.  I had feelings of guilt and kept asking myself, ‘what could I have done to prevent this?’  Maybe I could have spent more time with him instead of being so wrapped up in my life.  Maybe I could have been more alert and paid more attention to the signs.  Maybe I could have done a little more to help him. I was beating myself up playing the ‘Maybe I could have’ game. I thank God everyday that my brother’s suicide attempted failed.  He’s getting the help he needs...

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Helping Yourself or Someone Else Who Suffers From Depression

Depression can be a matter of life and death, so help from others is of vital importance. Since depression affects millions of people each year, chances are you may know someone who suffers from this terrible illness. Helping someone with severe depression can be frustrating at times. Many depressed people don’t want to be helped. It’s as if they feel they can benefit from being depressed because no one expects anything from them. Some even go as far as to feel that being depressed is easier than dealing with life’s problems and trying to improve them. It’s important to...

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