Author: Andrew John

Stress: Know Your Enemy

Before you start dealing with the stress, you should realize that it is always present in our lives. The way we react to stress is a very personal thing, still there are three main types of behavior related to stress. Some of us are able to keep stress away from them and they can work efficiently even under high pressure. Others tend to close themselves, so not only stress but also other influences or even emotions can’t get to them. There are also people who can’t fight with the stress, even when they are exposed to relatively small problems...

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The Many Faces Of Stress

Due to the fact that stress can be experienced in different ways by different people it is hard to set a its simple definition. In short, stress is a negative condition which affects both our body and mind in a specific way. Still, we must remember that stress may have various causes and people have different resistance to it, so creating an exact definition is almost impossible. When we feel that we are under too much pressure and we can’t function any longer it is possible that we are affected by the stress. In fact stress is present in...

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