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Depression and Antidepressants

antidepressants are drugs whose main purpose is to alleviate depression, both clinical and milder depression. These drugs are prescribed by physicians and are used in many countries around the world. They’re actually one of the most common medications prescribed to patients. In fact, sometimes antidepressants are prescribed to those who are non-depressive to alleviate some other conditions, including anxiety, and for their anti-inflammatory properties. St John’s Wart and Opium were the first drugs whose antidepressant properties were used to treat the illness. Both of these are herbal medications. Iproniazid was the first drug to be recognized as an antidepressant,...

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About Depression

Depression is often described as a psychological disease. There are several types of depression, ranging from mild to severe. It’s hard to identify factors that cause depression. However there have been many studies done to try and understand the underlying causes of depression to help prevent it. Moreover, more studies have been performed on what type of medical assistance helps to treat depression best. The most noticeable symptom of depression is feeling sad for a long period of time. This involves feeling sad for at least two weeks. However, with most depressed people, this symptom lasts for much longer....

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Depression Therapy

Depression is a psychological disease. It affects the mind, and often the body. As such, many people choose psychological help to treat their depression. Although depression is a disease of the mind, it can also be caused by chemical imbalanced in the brain. These can often be tweaked with some drugs. Some people, however, believe that these drugs do not treat the cause but only the symptoms of the depression. Thus, people are likely to relapse after stopping to take the drugs. Moreover, they may become dependant on them to feel happy or at least not sad. Some professionals...

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