Author: Andrew Bicknell

Bipolar Disorder – Symptoms And Treatments

In the world of psychological disorders there are few that are more difficult to deal with than bipolar disease. Although dealing with a bipolar disorder is anything but easy the reasons it is hard to deal with is easy to see when one considers that those who suffer its affects are cycling between two psychological states: Depression and mania. This cycling between these two states can have serious affects on the personality and behavior that its sufferers exhibit. Within the diagnosis of bipolar disease there are several subtypes of the disorder itself. These include: rapid cycling bipolar, teen bipolar disorder, and types I and II. Being properly diagnosed is important when it comes to deciding on which treatment regimen to follow. Bipolar disease sufferers exhibit many of the same type of symptoms with each person experiencing these symptoms to varying degrees of severity depending on which cycle of the disorder they are in. When experiencing a manic episode they will usually experience intense feelings of pleasure and/or happiness. Their creativity and motivation are at a high point, which helps explain why many successful writers and musicians show the signs of bipolar disease and are diagnosed with it. During the manic episode those with this disorder will also talk incessantly while feeling that they are not getting their point across to whoever they are talking to. In more severe cases...

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Using Exercise To Battle Depression

The last thing most people who suffer from depression want to do is exercise. The dark hole of depression can make even getting out of bed everyday a seemingly impossible task. If you suffer from depression it is imperative that you see your doctor or a therapist first, but don’t be surprised if they prescribe some sort of exercise regimen for you to follow in addition to some of the more normal treatments for depression. Now as hard as it may seem to get out and start exercising when you are depressed there are some real benefits to be...

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