Author: Adam Gerbman

3 Types of Mental Health Abuse and How to Fight Back

It’s easy for people to tell you to just leave an abusive relationship. But they have no idea what you are going through and they have no idea just what may happen to you if you do leave. You fell in love with this person who seemed like a dream partner when you first started dating. It is easy to hope for that person to return. But maybe life’s circumstances have changed the one you love and they have become abusive rather than loving. Life’s obstacles such as substance abuse, financial problems, grief, and even physical pain can change...

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How Three Different Religions Claim to Boost Mental Health

Are you spiritual or religious? If you are thinking, “What’s the difference?” then you are like many other people. There are big differences between the two. It’s important to first distinguish between them in order to understand how religion and mental health affect one another. Spirituality Spirituality is very broad and vague. You feel connected to something greater or bigger than you but you are not defining that as God or Allah or L. Ron Hubbard. There is no definitive description of spirituality because it is more like a life long journey of finding the truth to something, and you are not sure what that something is. If you are spiritual, you are looking for meaning, finding your place in the world, and looking for experiences that bring you closer to your higher power. The experience is more important than the outcome. Spiritual people are still searching for a truth to existence and are more interested in creating their own divine experiences; yet don’t want any rules to follow or guidelines to help them along their way. Religion is quite the opposite of spirituality. Religion Religion is a simple concept. It is a basic set of beliefs that are agreed upon and followed by a group of people. While the concept is simple, religion has many layers. All of these layers differ from church to church, making the overall...

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