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Treatment for Severe Depression Without Medication

By Anita Taylor For far too many people suffering from the effects of a major depressive disorder (MDD) those pills or capsules prescribed by a well-intended doctor simply didn’t help.  In fact, studies on the efficacy of antidepressants for treating MDD reveal that anywhere from 30-50% of patients do not achieve remission, even after trying multiple types of these drugs.   Sometimes there may be a valid reason why the medication failed to relieve symptoms.  Possibly the initial diagnosis needs to be reconsidered, helping to better target the symptoms.  Other potential reasons for the antidepressants not working for a...

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The End of Mental Illness Stigma is Advancing

Compassion and Awareness Help Reduce stigma Towards Those Suffering from mental illness Human beings are very adept at slapping a negative label onto another human being who provokes some sort of uncomfortable response in him or herself.  Stigma is the result of the default negative attitude, belief, or behavior directed towards others who make them feel fearful on a subconscious level.  When someone’s behaviors are not understood—but cause us to feel fearful—our kneejerk reaction is to call them derogatory names, to avoid interaction with them, and to discriminate against them. When it comes to the stigma related to mental...

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