Author: Ugochukwu Uche

Empathy for Self Help With Depression

Once upon a time, a college freshman seeking to make an appointment with me for a counseling session revealed that in the days past he had experienced suicidal ideation, and now that he was feeling much better he had decided to give me a call. A quick glance at my calendar revealed that I had an eight o’clock opening the following day. I shared with him this news, and there was a pause on the other end of the line. He then thanked me, and asked if I had an opening on the weekend, because he had to be...

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Getting Your Child to Stop Embarrassing Behavior

Recently, I responded to a question posed by a mother whose seven-year-old son had gotten into the habit of pulling his pants down and showing his privates to his friends, including little girls his age. This mother shared that she and her husband had tried everything to get him to stop, from grounding the child to spanking him bare bottom whenever the behavior was executed, all to no avail. This poor mum seemed to be at her wits’ end in not knowing how to deal with this situation. So how does a parent respond when their child is engaging...

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Professional Life Coaching

Life coaching is another modality of mental health therapy; only less intense than traditional psychotherapy. When we speak of anxiety, anger management, depression, etc., these are issues that call for the services of a psychotherapist to help people feel better about their lives and have better relationships with others. However, while the process of a person being able to resolve these issues is progress in and of itself, it is not progression. Progression entails achieving a level of maturity in any facet of one’s life, whether it be in a marriage, parenting, or in a profession. More and more...

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Why You Have Not Achieved Your Goals

Recently I read a chat room posting about a twenty-nine-year-old, six months from his thirtieth birthday, lamenting on his feelings of being a failure. He had just begun training for a new career, and was now daunted with the task of starting on a new path. He further elaborated that his chief complaint with feeling like a failure was his disappointment with still being a single guy, without kids, and his current residence with his mother. Time Tables According to conventional wisdom, most people will usually advise this gentleman not live to his life based on a schedule or...

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Couples Coping with the Recession (Making your relationship work in an ailing economy)

Let’s face it, monetary matters play an influential role in our romantic relationships, whether you find yourself married or in another serious relationship. While love is priceless, the role finances play in our relationships is a fundamental of our cultural-specific and universal beliefs and values. Some of these roles include but are not limited to wedding expenses, rent or montage, utility bills, car loans, and the list goes on. Yet despite the important part money plays in our relationships, it still remains a ridiculous reason for a couple to split. Unfortunately this phenomenon takes place too often. It is...

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