Author: Stuart Sorensen

Understanding Earned Depression

Life really is beginning to get you down. Everywhere you turn you find the same old drudgery, the same old problems and the same old heartache. You can’t sleep, you don’t eat properly any more. Everything you do seems to take twice the effort it used to and as if that wasn’t enough you ache from head to foot. If there’s a virus going around you’re sure to catch it and you just know it’ll take forever to shake it off. Congratulations – you’re depressed. Of course that comes as no surprise – you know damn well that you’re...

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Overcoming Depression

Overcoming Depression Depression is one of the most common psychological problems in the world. It’s also on the increase. More people are seeking professional help because of depressive illnesses than ever before. This handout describes some of the more common symptoms of depression and suggests ways to combat them. These symptoms can be both cognitive (what we think) and physiological (physical changes in the body). It’s important to tackle both sets of symptoms in order to successfully overcome depression. Physiological Symptoms of Depression Many depressed people can actually feel a change in their bodies. For some it is a...

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