Author: Skip Corsini

The Legacy of Depression

Depression has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. But only in the last 4 of my 52 years did I even know it as depression and only in the last few months have I been able to acknowledge and face it. In the attempt to get better I have had to come to terms with a family legacy of affliction while confronting a dilemma involving loyalty, honor, and healing. Two years ago I turned 50. My two older sons went away to college last fall. It seems like a “crossroads” time. I am...

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The Positive Side of Depression

Though depression is a serious and debilitating disease, it can become manageable with drug treatment and therapy. In the process, there can be a reckoning of sorts for sufferers, and perhaps a bit of relief on occasion. In this essay, Skip Corsini, a writer who has dealt with depression on a lifelong basis, reveals some unforeseen benefits for the estimated 19 million Americans who have been diagnosed with the disorder, a view from the lighter side. Come on friends, give it up for depression sufferers everywhere. We need a break from the news about Barret Robbins, some relief from...

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Sex and Depression: The Real Story

One of the most common side effects of a number of antidepressant medications is loss of sex drive. I could forgive our friends at fine companies such as Eli Lilly, Bristol Meyers Squibb, and Pfizer if dry mouth, irritability, disrupted sleep patterns, loss of appetite, sloth, and social phobia were the sole issues related to the medications I take on a daily basis. However, it is the sex thing I find most challenging. I am a normal (ha!) 52-year-old father of four, in that sex is on my mind approximately 85% of the day and night, as opposed to 98% when I graduated from college just 30 years ago. I believe a 13% decline in libido is pretty good for a major depressive over a three-decade stretch of time. There are good reasons other than poor mental health for this dip in desire. Let’s face it: I don’t look the same as I did then. Those were the days of tanned olive skin, a full head of sun-streaked, neck-length hair, and a devil may care attitude. Though I weigh about the same as I did back then, I look about 150 years older. There are wrinkles everywhere on my face, about 1/3 the amount of hair, a hell of a lot of it gray, and eyelids that droop to my knees. So much for the advantages of aging. Make...

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