Author: Melinda Grossman

How To Cope With Stress

Learning how to cope with stress has become increasingly important as our society evolves and becomes more complex. Stress factors can be dealt with in a variety of ways. And depending upon the “severity” of your stress, you may benefit from first discussing how to cope with stress with your physician before trying something new. For milder forms of stress there are a multitude of techniques. These range from taking 5 minutes breaks to play a stress relief game, to exercise, meditation, taking a vacation, or spending time with a favorite hobby. There are more helpful resources and links...

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The Physiological Effects Of Stress – Mind Body

stress affects us mentally, emotionally, and physically. It’s actually a rather complex process and there are still many unknowns regarding stress including the physiological effects of stress. What do we mean by physiological? Physiology is a science. Human physiology has a wide scope that includes the processes that go on within cells; how tissues and organs work; and also how we respond to the environment. Therefore, human physiological processes are the functions of living persons and their parts, and the physical and chemical factors and processes involved. Bottom line is that in this article, we’ll focus on how stress...

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What Are The Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety And Stress?

Although often considered a “mental” condition, there are any number of physical symptoms of anxiety and stress. Not to get too holistic here, but the mind and the body are one unit: what happens in the mind will be expressed through the body. That’s not to say that everyone will experience the same symptoms, however – some may suffer one or two physical symptoms while other s may be experience many more. On their own, these symptoms are generally not harmful but when mixed together at a frequent rate, they can lead to serious illnesses. Individual patients will be...

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