Author: Judy Castelli

The Unspeakable

I watch the Evening News. A mother is put into the squad car. A little girl-child walks from the house, in silence, hand-in-hand with the kind police officer. This child will not suffer a lifetime of borderline madness as I had. This child was seen. Someone made it stop. This child was saved. I had survived the abuse, but it had taken my childhood, and it had nearly destroyed my life. My career of mental patient began at age 18. I was diagnosed early with schizophrenia and major depression. I was a gifted singer/songwriter and artist, and it was...

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Life After DID: Dissociative Identity Disorder and Child Abuse

I will speak to those among you who may know a person with multiple personality disorder (or dissociative identity disorder as it’s now known), and to those who may be survivors of childhood abuse. I will speak as a person with Dissociative Identity Disorder who continues to struggle with both MPD/DID and with day to day living. I have found MPD to be both a burden and a blessing. I have come to love Life. My Experience: Dissociative Identity Disorder and Child Abuse For me, a normal childhood was not an option. A normal adolescence and adulthood became impossible. I, like most people of a certain age with multiple personality, was misdiagnosed. So little was know about dissociative identity disorder, or child abuse, that it was easy to see me as simply “crazy.” I was diagnosed at an early age, incorrectly with schizophrenia. I often received treatment, therefore, of little or no value to the underlying cause of my odd behaviors and my innermost pain. It meant a lifetime of confusion, psychiatric hospitalizations, inappropriate anti-psychotic medications, and an inability to function. My life was full of self-doubt, self-destructive behaviors, emotional pain, and isolation. suicide was seen as a viable alternative, often the only option. Before people with MPD are able to find their way to the truth of their abuse, to the existence of multiple personalities, and to proper...

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Electroshock Halted By Dendrite Alert

Forced Electroshock Halted for Kathleen Garrett: Hospital spokesperson says due to a “dendrite” alert issued last night, they were “deluged” by public outrage over involuntary electroshock literally overnight — in 16 hours — the hospital that was forcibly electroshocking Kathleen Garrett suddenly announced they are discharging her. The 66-year-old mom is spared the planned “ten to twelve more electroshocks”. Campaign organizer Juli Lawrence thanks public for support: “I’m moved to tears of awe.” This is an example of what we can do as people of good conscience when we come to the aid of one person fighting a powerful...

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