Author: Jon Rhodes

Importance Of Stress Management

The effects of long term stress are not to be taken lightly. Stress can lead to serious physical, as well as mental health problems. Managing our stress levels is very important if we wish to remain happy and healthy. Common symptoms of stress include irritability, muscular tension, inability to concentrate and a wide variety of physical reactions, such as headaches and increased blood pressure and heart rate.Long term stress can also lower our immune systems, which consequently increases our chanced of picking up illnesses and diseases. Many experts even believe that this can lead to increased risks of cancer...

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The Five Elements Of A Hypnotherapy Session

In order to help you understand, and feel more at ease with hypnosis as a therapeutic tool, I thought it might be helpful to explain a bit about the ingredients that make a hypnosis session. A hypnosis session is generally regarded to contain five elements. These are introduction, induction, deepener, therapy, and wakening. I will explain each of these elements in turn. The introduction phase is where the hypnotherapist gains rapport with the client. This is an extremely important stage, and can ultimately make or break the session. A good clinical hypnotherapist will quickly gain the subjects trust and...

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What Does Hypnotherapy Feel Like?

Many people are unaware of what hypnotherapy actually is. They see the largely inaccurate media depictions and become confused with the realities. This as true for me until I began to train as a clinical hypnotherapist. Here are the details of my first experience of hypnotherapy. It was in 2002 on my first day as a student of the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy. We did all the usual college stuff of signing forms, introducing ourselves etc. Once all this was out of the way our teacher, Maurice Sterndale, said that he would do a group demonstration of hypnosis....

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How To Do Self Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is great for relaxation and relieving stress, which can indirectly help with many mental health issues. Hypnotherapy calms both our minds and bodies, giving us that valuable ‘time out’. It can be quite costly to hire a clinical hypnotherapist, and we may not always want one around when we want to de-stress. This is not a problem, as it is possible to do self hypnosis, and I will show you how. To begin with, you will need to make sure that you will not be disturbed for at least half and hour, preferably an hour. Turn off phones,...

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