Author: Joanna Poppink

Bulimia Anorexia and Compulsive Overeating: When Family and Friends Don’t Get It

Often a person with an eating disorder covers her pain so well that when she tells the truth about her suffering, people don’t believe her. They think she is exaggerating, overreacting or in a mood that will pass. She can look so good or so happy that people who love her and think they know her well, cannot get past what they wish to see and hear. They can also be too afraid to believe that her descriptions of personal pain might be true. If that eating disorder person is you, you may be in a situation where many...

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For Teens: When You Discover a Friend is Bulimic or Anorexic

For Teens: When You Discover a Friend is Bulimic or Anorexic Learning your friend suffers with an eating disorder can shatter what you believed was an accurate picture of a normal and healthy relationship. You may be jolted into realizing that your understanding of the world around you is incomplete. People you know, perhaps close friends, can be in danger. Recognizing that deep rooted, destructive and often deadly pain exists in your friend can be a loss of innocence and an awakening to mortality and the suffering in the human condition. It’s a difficult but valuable experience for a...

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The Basics of Eating Disorder Psychotherapy: How it Works

What happens when a person with an eating disorder starts therapy? This is a brief summary, from my point of view as a psychotherapist specializing in treating people with eating disorders, of what can happen in the first few weeks of therapy with a person seeking to begin recovery. People come to my practice because they suffer from an eating disorder. They are usually frightened, often desperate, sometimes angry, sometimes shy and always in emotional pain. My job is to help them rally their strength, courage and ability to heal. We work together to make unconscious conscious and create...

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