Author: Jennifer Koretsky

A Simple Strategy for Managing ADHD

As an ADD Coach, I usually begin my conversations with new and potential clients by saying, “Tell me about yourself and why you’re looking for coaching.” Most people answer with a long list of their ADD challenges. Very few people answer that they are looking to discover, enhance, or utilize their strengths. This is a big part of coaching, and a part that many people need a lot of help with. Unfortunately, many ADDers spend too much of their time focusing on what they think they do wrong. This is understandable; as most of us have spent a lifetime...

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The Truth About Adult ADD and Follow Through

If you are an adult with ADD, chances are that at some point in your life, you’ve felt that you are not “living up to your potential.” This judgment often manifests itself when you take stock of all the great ideas you’ve had that have never gone anywhere, and all the unfinished projects that you have started but never completed. The overwhelming number of these things that have not been “followed through” can lead you to believe that you are not living up to your potential. This is simply not true. By nature, ADDers are visionaries and idea generators....

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10 Benefits of Having Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

There is a common misconception in the world that having Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a bad thing. While the ADD-wired brain certainly presents some challenges, it also offers some incredible benefits. The following is a list of characteristics that I consistently see in my clients, friends, and colleagues with ADD. 1. Compassion People with ADD have a tremendous power to connect with other people. But it goes a step further than that. We also have an advanced ability to empathize with others, and to see many different perspectives. 2. Creativity I’ve never met an ADDer who wasn’t creative! Writers, painters, musicians, film makers, designers, sculptors, comedians – the list goes on! Artistic talents are abundant. Composers Mozart and Beethoven are believed to have had ADD. 3. Drive When an ADDer is bored with a task, completing it can seem like torture. But give an ADDer an interesting project to work on and watch out! When we want to succeed, and we have the necessary tools to do so, there is no stopping us! 4. Problem Solving Ability ADDers thrive on solving problems and puzzles. Give us an interesting problem to solve and we won’t be able to drop it until we’ve found the solution! Important historical inventors such as Thomas Edison and Thomas Jefferson are believed to have had ADD. 5. Hyper-Focus The ability to hyper-focus is something...

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Why Daily Planning is So Important for Adults with ADD

For adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), details are a drag. We tend to see the big picture and want to jump straight to the finish line, wishing we could skip all the steps in between. Unfortunately, this perspective often causes us to become overwhelmed when it’s time to start a project. We know where we want to end up, but we don’t know where to start. The same is true for day-to-day life. Adults with ADD often start the day knowing what should ideally get accomplished, but not sure where to begin or how to prioritize. This often...

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The ADD Resilience Factor

Attention Deficit Disorder presents different challenges to different people. Some of us have the most trouble focusing and concentrating, while some of us have great difficulty regulating emotion. Whatever your greatest challenge is, there is one sure-fire way to be successful in spite of it: the ability to be resilient. Miriam-Webster online defines resilience as “an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.” Applying this to adults with ADD, we might adjust the definition to “an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune, change, setbacks, challenges, and failure.” In order to be successful...

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