Author: Ian Spencer

What Is The Definition Of Stress?

stress is a very common issue among all individuals. It has been discovered that all people, regardless of age and social status, experience some degree of stress. When the body is introduced to more than it feels as if it can handle appropriately, it has a natural tendency to react to the things that it interprets as a direct threat. We each have a response that is actually instinctual and ultimately for self protection. Many medical professionals refer to this as the “fight or flight response”. When our brain interprets a danger, or experiences a high level of anxiety,...

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What Is Stress To You?

When someone mentions the word “stress”, you will probably feel a little bit grim about it. As we all know, stress is something that affects our lives negatively. However, the truth of the matter is that there are many different kinds of stress, and stress is not always bad for you! For most, stress can be an unwanted condition in their lives. But even for these people, stress can also positively work for them. When you are feeling stressed, it is important to bear a few things in mind what it is and how you can cope with it....

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Bad Stress – Avoid Bad Stress Today!

Avoid bad stress day! No matter what you do, or who you are, you must have experienced stress at some point in your life. It could be the result of having insufficient money for the bills, or from the work that is piling up in your office. Although you have experienced stress in your daily life, do you know what it really is? Stress is a natural part of human life, so you should spend some time learning more about this condition. Learning about stress can help you a great deal as you are facing it in your everyday...

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3 Games That Will Relieve Your Stress

stress is something that each and every one of us faces and has to deal with daily. There are times when stress can get the best out of us. It can make life really difficult, and if not dealt with properly may lead to numerous health problems. This is why it is important that we deal with stress in the most positive way that we can. To help you manage your stress effectively, here are 3 stress games that will relief your stress. 1. Board Games or Puzzles I am sure that you have had one of those days,...

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