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Signs of Depression: How to Recognize Them

It is perfectly naturally for anyone to feel low or blue from time to time during their life. But what if you have been feeling down and generally out of sorts for a while now? If this is the case then it is quite possible that you may be thinking you are suffering with depression. Below are some signs of depression, of course what you are experiencing may not fit the signs of depression below. If you are feeling so down that you feel you need to do something to help yourself then it is incredibly important that you really should seek help. Most of the time the signs of depression are very varied and due to this fact, it may be very hard to pinpoint just one of the signs and diagnose the problem straight away. This is a list of the most common signs of depression that where reported by those patients that where diagnosed with clinical depression. Fatigue, feeling exhausted and drained all the time, even when you have just woken from a long sleep A sleep pattern that is disrupted, in some instances caused by disturbing dreams Waking up too early and then having difficulty getting back to sleep Lessening interest in activities normally found to be very enjoyable A Problem concentrating, in particular during the day An improvement in energy as the day progresses...

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Understanding Depression

It’s normal to feel low or down at some point in a persons life. Depression however is a totally different matter, as it is an illness which affects the whole of a person, in other words the mood, thoughts and body. It influences everything from the way a person eats and sleeps to the way that they feel about themselves and think about things. Depression or depressive disorder is very different from a simple feeling of being low. It is not a sign that a person has a weak character or a condition that can simply be wished away. People with this disorder can’t just snap out of it and feel brighter. When someone has depressive disorder and they do not look for suitable treatment, their symptoms can last for weeks, months, or sometimes even years. Obtaining the appropriate treatment for depressive disorder can help most of the people who suffer from depression. Depression symptoms can be different from individual to individual and can also depend on the severity of their depression. Depression will affect a persons thinking, behavior, feeling, and physical health. Affects in Thinking When it comes to thinking, a person could have problems with focus and decision making. Other people may find that they have problems with their short term memory and seem to forget things all the time. Depression is mainly characterized by feeling pessimistic,...

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What Is Clinical Depression?

Clinical depression is quite a common condition and affects around 16% of the population at least one time in their lives, and it is described it as a situation that has got to the point of disruption to an individual’s social life and/or their daily duties such as work and home life. Clinical depression is found more in some Western countries like Australia where one in four women and one in six men will be found to suffer from it. It has been found that clinical depression is the main cause of disability in the US and the World...

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Manic Depression Symptoms

Manic depression or as it is also known bipolar disorder is a mental illness that causes the sufferer to have rapid shifts in mood of such a magnitude to affect an individuals normal functioning. The symptoms of manic depression are quite wide ranging. They normally include large mood swings, ranging from an extreme high, occasionally with irritability, to an extremely low and hopeless mood and back again. In between these two poles of mood are periods of normal mood. As a ratio, the low and depressive mood is most common at a ratio of 3 to 1 manic, or...

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