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Taking Bipolar Medications Safely

There is no absolute and permanent cure for bipolar disorder just yet. Bipolar medications that are made available in your nearest drugstore are meant to suppress manic depression symptoms. There are some good and some bad things to know about these medications. This article will discuss these, together with tips and and cautions about side effects. Bipolar medications are not ordinary drugs. They are strong and can be addictive. So if you are not diagnosed as a bipolar disorder patient, never even think of taking them. These medications are always taken with the doctor’s prescription. Some Tips in Taking...

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The Bipolar Test: 7 Points Of Assessment

The seriousness of bipolar cases is indisputable. In fact, many patients who have symptoms of a manic-depression state can be misdiagnosed. Another important fact is that a bipolar test can actually take years before a person is correctly diagnosed. Simply put, this mental illness is very difficult to detect. When a person with manic-depression disorder is high or manic, it is not surprising that he won’t feel the need for a test. Therefore, only the depressive tendencies are diagnosed most often. The result is an inaccurate diagnosis of the patient, concluding the symptoms as depression only when it is...

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Social Anxiety Disorder And Depression: How Are They Related?

Difficulty in functioning socially, with other people, in personal or professional life is an indication of a social anxiety disorder that leads to depression. What is this all about? Social Anxiety Disorder — What Is It? Do you have extreme stage fright? Do you have difficulty expressing yourself when in the company of non-relatives or not-so-close acquaintances, unfamiliar people? For all you know, you may be suffering from social anxiety disorder. This disorder, sometimes known also as social phobia, is that state of prolonged social anxiety and worry that causes you great distress and hampers you from functioning properly...

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Thirteen Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder

bipolar disorder is a mental illness that involves rapid change of mood conditions. As the name implies, “bi” means two or dual and “polar” connotes polarity. By application, this means that a person with symptoms of bipolar disorder tends to abruptly change polarities from extreme happiness down to severe sadness within a short time interval. It Can Be Hard To Detect take several years before signs of manic depression become Bipolar disorder is a serious problem. If a child has this illness at a young age and is left unattended, drastic symptoms of bipolar disorder may start to emerge...

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Manic Depression Symptoms: The Two Ends Of The Spectrum

Manic depression is a mental disorder that is more commonly called bipolar disorder. To some, it is known as bipolar disorder. Manic depression symptoms are known to be on the extreme sides of the spectrum. They are either on the high end or the low end. The high-end symptoms are known to be the manic symptoms while the low end is known as the “hypo” symptoms or the depressive symptoms. This type of mental disorder is hard to spot because the patient may appear to be going well after an episode of depression. Unknown to people around him, he becomes sunny...

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