Author: Anne Ream

Relationships, Perceptions, and Communication

The perception of reality is subjective. I have been aware of this for many years and am gradually understanding the deep effect this has on relationships. Very little in life is absolutely this way or absolutely that way. Recognizing this can be helpful for an individual who is struggling with the idea that anything must be perfectly this way or that way. It becomes more complicated for two individuals and even more complex when a number of people are involved. It’s actually quite healthy that we don’t all perceive things exactly the same way. Remember the story of the...

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Healthy Relationship Skills Begin in Infancy

We begin to learn how to be in relationships when we are newborn infants. The areas of the brain that are most important for relating are the first to develop. Having a well-attuned parent/caregiver who is able to genuinely, deeply attach to us during those first days, weeks, months of life is vital for the development of healthy relationship skills. Those who do not receive this healthy, secure, attuned and attached caregiving are likely to develop anxious, avoidant or dismissing attachment styles, which are at the root of many adult relationship problems. Attachment trauma often occurs during the first...

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