Most people are not aware of the fact that anxiety and depression are connected to each other. Some experience both differently under varied circumstances.

In order to learn the connection between them, let us learn about these conditions individually.

A) Anxiety

Anxiety can be referred to as a characteristic feature of most people across the globe. When in its normal form, the condition assists in being vigilant, gaining knowledge and general performance. In brief, anxiety is a useful condition if occurs naturally.

However, when it exists in excess, the same condition starts working against the individual. The attention and performance levels are reduced due to feelings related to self-focus and apprehensions in extremes. These are actually aggravated by a specific blend of emotions including anger, guilt, shame, sadness and a dominating fear. This ultimately results in the conditions of unique ‘anxiety’ in an individual.

Anxiety or feelings of stress may be referred to as symptoms or a response to pressure. The more these feelings become intolerable in a person, the worse the anxiety is going to react. Now, this does not indicate that person may only face one overwhelming problem. Usually the whole situation is a result of many problems reacting with each other.

The most common anxiety disorder that affects about 5-6% of the total population across the globe is known to be the generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). The condition is characterized by chronic worry related to almost all types of problems and circumstances in life.

The whole situation is different from just the normal anxiety or worry as the disorder brings along with it, more frequency, higher intensity and total uncontrollability of thoughts related to worry.

Yes, there may be a biological reason do this disorder. However, nothing has been confirmed yet. It has been proved that some people posses the tendency to overreact to stress that comes their way. One may also come under some sort of genetic influence.

B) Depression

There is absolutely no connection between weakness and depression. It has also been proved that anyone can suffer from the problem irrespective of the gender, caste, creed, color or genetic influence.

The term ‘depression’ actually covers a wide variety of problems. It can be referred to as short spans of low mood or even a mind numbing inability of a person to function. In most of the cases, where the depression occurs due to the low mood of the individual, it is easy to sort out on one’s own self.

One does not require any sort of medical intervention in these cases. However, unfortunately, there are cases where about 5 to 10% of the population that suffer from depression and can’t do without any formal support. It has also been proved that people suffering from anxiety disorder usually suffer from an anxiety disorder.

C) The connection

It is a known fact that most depressed individuals may develop feelings of helplessness and ultimately end up suffering from anxiety. In some cases, anxiety comes first and depression follows.

To sum up, depression and anxieties are two separate conditions that may follow one another at certain circumstances.

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