Through a number of trials, Homeopathy ADHD treatments have shown to be effective in reducing the ADHD symptoms of restlessness, inattentiveness, and impulsiveness.

The main treatments that most people know about and that most people with ADHD are using are stimulant medications. These act by changing chemicals in the brain to reduce symptoms. Homeopathy takes a different.

Unlike the stimulant drugs homeopathy does not try to suppress elements of an individual’s behavior, rather it aims to redress any imbalance in the body naturally without altering the body with drugs. This has the outcome of reducing the symptoms of ADHD without changing or altering the personality or physical elements, one of the main side effects of stimulants.

Homeopathy reviews a person in their entirety, so practitioners will take detailed medical histories so they can address all the ailments that may be affecting a person.

So, rather than focusing only on the ADHD, they might look at why a child always has a cold or reoccurring ear infections etc. Treatments are always individualized and the risk of side effects is low if the treatment has been accurately chosen and the dosages are correct.

Homeopathic remedies are prepared by deriving substances from plants, animals, and minerals. The most common form of this homeopathic medicine is in the form of small sweet-tasting tab that you let dissolve in your mouth. Since the taste tends to be sweet, parents treating their ADHD children generally don’t have difficulty getting them to take it.

What are the specific benefits for someone with ADHD if treated with homeopathy medicine?

Children with ADHD who take homeopathy medicine appear to show significant positive results. The following are benefits that your child may have once given with such treatment:

  • improved attention
  • improved grades
  • improved ability to concentrate more on school work
  • improved social skills
  • more co-operative
  • improved self-esteem
  • decreased physical exhaustion
  • decreased mental and emotional problems
  • decreased restlessness, aggressiveness, impulsivity, and other inappropriate behavioral problems

If you were interested in trying a course of homeopathic treatment for your child it would be a good idea to consult your doctor and ask if they can refer you to a homeopathic practitioner.

Homeopathic medicine should be fine to take alongside stimulant drugs however, ensure you keep your doctor informed of any additional treatments you plan to implement.

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Homeopathy ADHD treatment can be a complementary treatment to other more traditional treatments. You may find that prescription medications can be reduced, under guidance by your doctor, once results are seen from the homeopathic medicine.