Traditionally stimulant medications are the drug of choice prescribed by doctors in order to treat the various symptoms of ADHD. However, these medications often only provide temporary relief and have to be taken for long periods. Besides that, they can also have certain detrimental side effects. Because of this, many people are tempted to seek out relief through the alternative medicines. Alternative medicines ADHD treatment options can be varied. Here are some of the options available to those seeking Alternative medicines for ADHD:

Homeopathic remedies – these alternative medicines for ADHD actually come in the form of various remedies formulated by practitioners based on the symptoms the patient is exhibiting. As with many ailments, each person with ADHD experiences a slightly different set of symptoms.

A homeopathic practitioner will take a detailed medical history and prepares a remedy made up of a combination of various substances chosen specifically for their potency in relieving a specific set of symptoms.

Homeopathic remedies are aimed at treating the whole person, and the underlying causes of the condition and not just the symptoms. They claim to be more effective than conventional medications since they aim to rebalance the body, which in turn relieves symptoms.

2) Herbal stimulants – many people are going back to natures own medicine cabinet and are turning to different herbal stimulants for ADHD relief.

Prescription drugs like Ritalin are actually stimulants designed to help balance the chemical reactions in the brain in people with ADHD. However, since these drugs can have some adverse effects there has been a growing trend towards herbal stimulants.

These alternatives for ADHD have been shown to provide help in reducing ADHD behaviors, with a lower risk of side effects. Caution should be taken, however, as herbal stimulants can interact with conventional medication. Before taking any herbal stimulants, you should consult an expert to see whether or not it can be taken with any regular medication.

3) Nutritional supplements – these alternative medicines for ADHD are used to keep a person’s body and mind healthy. A certain level of nutritional intake is essential to maintain certain chemical processes in a person’s body and brain. Although our body does produce may substances it needs for clear and organized thought, certain substances can only be found in the food that we eat. If we don’t get enough through diet then supplementation may be required to help ease ADHD symptoms

4) Neurofeedback – this therapy isn’t really alternative medicines for ADHD. However, it has been devised to help individuals learn to recognize behaviors and adjust them accordingly. Neurofeedback claims to be able to train people to actually control their brain wave patterns. Certain brain wave patterns are associated with common symptoms of ADHD like daydreaming and inattention. By learning how to recognize and control brain wave patterns, people can maintain concentration and actually condition themselves to ignore the symptoms of the disorder.

These are just some of the alternative medicines ADHD options available. If you would like to know more, then sign up for the free recognizing and treating ADHD newsletter below.