Fire Up Your Enthusiasm

In the next 7 minutes turn on your enthusiasm! Whatever challenges you face today will be easier if you program yourself with enthusiastic feelings. In fact, enthusiasm can make all the difference between a successful day, or just another day. Which do you choose?

Affirmations are one method of generating enthusiasm.


Affirm your way to success. Affirmations are a powerful tool of transformation. I was first introduced to their power during a sales training class.

The Veteran salesman looked at me and said, “Donald if you want your prospects to buy to you have to act enthusiastic!”

“How I asked?”

He looked me in the eye, and then spun his body around 360 degrees, crashing his fist into his palm. He was smiling enthusiastically, and he affirmed, “I feel great!” His voice was booming, commanding and filled with enthusiasm.

The result? His enthusiasm was contagious.

By working with affirmations, you start the process of changing negative and unproductive beliefs, into positive life supporting beliefs. Regular practice of affirmations will create a more successful future.

Here are some guidelines:

Establish in your mind the specific area in which you most want to improve. There are many areas of life where affirmations are useful. Some areas are self-esteem, love & relationships, creative self expression, work, prosperity, health and spiritual development.
Stay in the Now
Affirmations are more effective when stated in the present tense. For example; “I now have a wonderful job.” Avoid affirming something in the future tense, e.g. “I am going to have a wonderful job” or the results will always be waiting to happen.
Use the “Power of Positive Thinking”
Please create your affirmations with the most positive words that you can while avoiding negative statements. Affirm what you do want, rather than what you don’t want. For example; “I don’t want to smoke.” This is a negative statement. Instead affirm; “I now enjoy being a nonsmoker.” This statement is a more powerful expression because it is dynamically positive and reinforces your desired goal.
KISS: Keep it Simple and Specific
Short affirmations are easy to say, and have a far greater impact at a subconscious level than those which are long and wordy. Keeping them specific and to the point adds power as the idea is uncluttered by elements.
Repeat your affirmation frequently
The importance of repetition cannot be overemphasized. It imprints the affirmation into your subconscious mind.
Make them Emotional
Get involved, be passionate, use your emotions. Think carefully about the meaning of the words as you repeat them rather than typing or saying them.
Don’t be a Quitter
Continued effort allows you to achieve results much sooner than practicing affirmations sporadically.

Why not take 7 minutes and begin to identify one area of your life that needs improving? Think of an appropriate affirmation and then begin to use it throughout your day.

Enthusiastically yours,
Donald Schnell