Children with ADHD may forget to hand in homework or long-term assignments, even though they may have completed the work. Completing homework and turning it in actually represent many different tasks. Somewhere along the way, children with ADHD get interrupted and may forget where they are in the process.

What Helps

  • Children with ADHD need supervision and structure, and a system to help them get from the beginning to the end of a project.
  • Make a checklist of the tasks required to help your child keep track of where he or she is in the assignment process. Put a copy in the child’s binder and post it in his or her room.
  • Labeling and color-coding books, binders, and folders by subject can also help organize school paperwork.
  • Establish a routine for getting the assignment back to the teacher. For example, as soon as the work is done, it goes into a folder next to the front door.
  • Don’t let your child procrastinate. He or she will likely need your help to get started in a task and frequent supervision to see it through.
  • For children who want more independence, let them earn the right to monitor their own work after demonstrating success for a few weeks.
  • No one solution will be right for all children; work with your child and their teachers to develop the best plan for you and your child.