Together, let’s break the stigma

What comes to mind when you hear the words mental illness? Stigma, frustration, depression. These are just a few answers stated by college students I chose to discuss this once reserved topic with. Mental illnesses are growing at an alarming rate in this day and age, especially on college campuses. Approximately one in four young adults aged 18 to 24 have a diagnosable mental illness. That’s practically 25 percent of your peers if you fit in this age bracket.

If this isn’t shocking enough, let’s consider when a mental illness reaches the point of suicidality. National Data on Campus Suicide and Depression reveals that one in every twelve U.S college students makes a suicide plan. Are you surprised yet? Or still untouched by such a devastating topic? What if I told you that, according to the American College Health Association, two thirds of college students struggling from a mental illness do not seek treatment? Are you aware about services available on your campus for mental health related issues? Because fifty percent of students I interviewed have not a clue about what help is available. This needs to change. More needs to be done to not only help this struggling population, but to also educate ignorant people on this serious topic. Watch this video to get a glimpse of a college student’s perspective on mental health illnesses, those who were willing to participate. These participants aged 18 to 24 were brave enough to speak out about such a sensitive, yet immensely important topic— proof that there is hope for the future of those living with mental illnesses.

“People don’t have the choice of obtaining a mental illness, but people do have the choice to perpetuate the stigma.” -Alex Lindley

Together, let’s break the mental heath stigma and diminish these alarming statistics.