Don’t do anything right away you don’t have to. You don’t need the added pressure stress and it’s hard to assess the situation and respond appropriately if you’re overwhelmed by anxious thoughts and feelings. Identify the “trigger.” What just happened that made you feel this way? Ask yourself whether the person involved in the upsetting incident reminds you of anyone from childhood. Work out what the person with whom you are having difficulty in the present would have to do in order for you not to feel anxious. Make your needs clear to this person. Take a walk in a natural setting and note as many new sights, sounds and scents as you can. We can’t always control our moods, but we can learn to identify and avoid many of the situations that trigger anxious feelings. By making sure the people around you know exactly what you need from them, you can begin to heal your anxiety and depression and that is a powerful defense against further anxiety.

Attacking Anxiety and Depression

Healing anxiety and depression with medications has become a much better option within the last ten years. Medications have become much better at solving the specific problems that may be causing the anxiety and depression. It is thought that one main cause of depression or some forms of anxiety occur due to chemical imbalances within your body and brain.

This chemical, serotonin, is naturally occurring within your brain, but occasionally, it is not produced in sufficient quantities. This can lead to depression and some forms of anxiety. Healing anxiety and depression in this case will usually involve taking an anti-depressant. There are many different types of anti-depressants available, and you and your doctor should work together to find the right variety for your situation.

The Double Whammy – Medication and Therapy to Treat Anxiety and Depression

Along with medication, sometimes therapy is recommended. This is especially true about certain forms of anxiety. Healing anxiety and depression with therapy will work for most people, but as with medications, it will take time and some effort on the patient’s part to make the most of the therapy sessions. Working with your doctor to find the right combination for your situation can take some time.

Finding the right medication that will accomplish the most for you can be a situation involving trial and error. If the side effects of one medication make it unbearable, talk to your doctor and try another. There are plenty of options out there, and all of them have slightly different benefits and side effects.

Healing anxiety and depression can take a while, but it is possible. Finding the right way to combat both anxiety and depression can take a while, but with your doctor’s help, you can find a solution to your problems and hopefully eventually rid yourself of the worst symptoms of anxiety and depression. It may be a slow process or it may be quicker for some; the key is to not give up on your treatment options and consult with your doctor for the best remedy for your situation.