5 Things Depression Steals From You

Depression is a scourge of modern society and there are many reasons why its prominence has increased. As life becomes ever more complicated and fraught, with mass communication stoking the anxieties fuelled by everything from job insecurity and social issues to longer-term concerns about the environment, the illness can rear its ugly head at any time; perhaps provoked by one of these tangible factors, although in many instances the root cause may well be unknown, buried much deeper.

A recent study by the World Health Organization estimated there are 350 million worldwide sufferers; equating to 7% of US adults. Here are five things depression will steal from you.

Social Contacts

One of the cardinal symptoms is insularity. Depression will drive a person in on themselves, making their predicament their sole focus of attention. When this happens they might well become agoraphobic, reluctant to go out to work or interact with anyone. The depressed individual will deliberately cut themselves off from their normal social circle. When friends contact them to make arrangements they will likely be met with excuses, or the person might simply not turn up. When someone stops being social, friends might jump to the conclusion they’re just being rude, leading to the sufferer becoming even more isolated.


Everyone has hobbies or interests that excite them; activities they will devote considerable portions of their leisure time towards enjoying. When depression takes hold of an individual it will drain away their energy and enthusiasm. Even something as basic as switching on the TV to watch what had previously been their favorite show, or listening to downloads by that band whose music they used to love, will become irrelevant. This is surely a particularly insidious aspect of depression, the way it undermines someone’s passion for life. It will also steal their passion for love, reducing their libido to a flat line.


While excessive pride is not an admirable trait, looking after our appearance is something most of us have in common. Depression will impose a sense of apathy when it comes to what someone looks like or how they feel inside. People suffering from depressive illness will become indifferent towards those stylish clothes they previously looked forward to wearing or feeling the need to make appointments to have their hair styled. But the worst self-esteem aspect is what happens internally. Anyone suffering from depression will begin harbouring negative thoughts, considering themselves worthless.

Physical Health

The basic things we can all do to ensure our continued well-being include regular exercise and sticking to a healthy and balanced diet. Depression will take all this away, replacing a zest for trying out new dishes or cooking meals for friends with a diet centering on bland convenience meals or junk food. It might just strip away the subject’s appetite completely. Their gym membership is liable to begin gathering dust as the thought of participating in any sort of communal activity will become alien.


A basic human attribute is anticipating the future. Planning ahead will always fill us with excitement, whether that’s booking a holiday or embarking on a new relationship. Depression will take hope and crush it into a ball. But this concept of hope is an important point to conclude with. Depression will seem like a dark tunnel for the sufferer, but friends and family should always seek to impress upon the person that this unpleasant journey will always arrive at the light at the end.

Photo by Jonathan Rados on Unsplash