5 Reasons Why It’s Better to Choose Sleep Over Long Working Hours

Your success at work could massively depend on the amount of sleep you get. Sleeping is associated with lethargy and low motivation, however, science has proven otherwise. Research suggests that working for long hours has little effect on your success rate and in fact, is more detrimental than beneficial to you when you compromise on your sleep cycle.

Sleep has always been a necessary physiological part of the human body. The more you fight against it, the worse it can get for your well-being. So if you think you are bagging yourself a lot of success by pulling all-nighters day after day, you are in for a surprise.

You could end up hallucinating- a side effect of insomnia- and end up hurting yourself or others. Here are some reasons why it is not worth compromising on your standard, necessary eight-hour sleep for any reason. No matter how crucial, your work can wait until morning.

1. Emotional Stability

Who hasn’t experienced irritability and crankiness when they are hungry or sleepy? These mood swings are a symptom of lack of sleep and can get you in trouble at work without you even intending to. Lack of sleep leads to fatigue and exhaustion that causes our brains to shut down and make us snappy and cranky because we are in a constant battle against our brains. Even if you believe you never did that, others around you will be better able to distinguish the ‘sleepy’ you from the ‘active and well-rested’ you.

Even studies have shown the link between sleeplessness and emotional disturbance. Emotional intelligence has become an important measure of aptitude in the workplace lately. Lack of sleep can not only make you clumsy and unfocused but decrease your ability to distinguish between the negative and positive emotions. If you are experiencing sleep deprivation, no matter how hard you try to be emotionally able, even the smallest hint of being in danger can make you react impulsively.

Sleep deprivation can cause you to be overwhelmed by negative emotions and be unreceptive to the positive emotions even if it means getting the opportunity for self-growth.

5 Reasons Why It’s Better to Choose Sleep Over Long Working Hours: A focused man working on a sticker-covered laptop in a coffee shop.

5 Reasons Why It’s Better to Choose Sleep Over Long Working Hours: A focused man working on a sticker-covered laptop in a coffee shop. (Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash)

2. Better focus

A fresh and well-rested mind makes it easier to focus on things that are important. A tired brain is easily distracted and cannot prioritize work. Sleep is directly linked to your ability to concentrate. It is easier to streamline your focus on one specific task after a good night’s sleep while little sleep results in easily getting distracted by background. Prioritizing preferences becomes more difficult.

To improve concentration in both play and work, keep your brain well-fed and well-rested. This becomes even more crucial for students to succeed. It can be seen that achievers are more alert and motivated that results in good academic performance and ultimately smarter choices for better, healthier lifestyle opportunities.

3. Identifying Potential Risk

The last thing you want to do when you are sleepy is to drive your car. There is a reason why you are asked to ‘sleep on it’ when you are distressed and unable to make coherent choices. Sleepiness can cause you to make reckless decisions that can have lasting, risky effects.

Lack of sleep is directly associated with a careless attitude. This is seen in several recurring cases. Being in a reckless state is a typical symptom of sleep deprivation. The sleep-deprived are unable to think straight and think coherently leading to destructive, reckless behavior.

Falling into poorly conceived financial plans can be life damaging whether it is for yourself or for your boss and lack of sleep can make you prone to exactly that. It increases the risk of making risky, thoughtless transactions. The lack of pragmatism can harm your well-being and your company’s stance. Ensuring a good night’s sleep can save you from the world of regret as a key decision maker in your company or at home.

For well-informed decisions, make sure to take a good night’s sleep. Remember some risks are better left alone than taken.

4. Happier You

When you have greater control over your emotions and are well-organized, you automatically have a greater sense of being. You become radiant and charming, motivated and feel you can accomplish anything.

Sleep has known to heal chronic sicknesses and accidents and even problems related to one’s psychology. If your body gets the much-needed break it deserves, several health issues can be solved. Depression can be fought with adequate sleep as well. Choosing sleep over long working hours is a decision you will never regret.

5. Enhanced Learning Ability

The memory center of your brain works much better after an adequate night’s REM sleep. Whether you want to save your cherished moments from a trip or learn a new language, make sleep your learning tool. It will be much easier to preserve your memories when you are well-slept and well-fed.

Sleeping is an essential part of one’s life much like drinking, bathing or eating. Most of us take this important physiological process for granted and compromise on important sleep hours in the pursuit to become smarter or richer. However, you should treat sleeping like any other eight-hour full-time job and make sure you fulfill your ‘work’ hours.

What most of us don’t realize is how overworked our body and especially brain gets by not prioritizing sleep and we are trying to cram another chapter. Pulling all-nighters will reduce your brain’s performance levels the next day when you sit for your exam. Expecting your body and brain to work at full throttle without giving them their share of rest, is like trying to drive a car without refilling its empty tank.

Bonus: Increased Productivity

Your personal and work goals and deadlines should be tangible enough to keep a healthy work-sleep balance. Work should be more about getting things done than showing up at a certain time (unless you are in customer relations).

Choosing a workplace that encourages flexible work hours and modes should be your number one priority for a happier, healthier and fresher you. When you go in for your interview, ask your potential employer if they allow occasionally working remotely.

When leading a team, be transparent about the finish line and final product. Making sure that everyone is able to work around their sleep time and avoiding over-time, can ensure the longevity and prosperity of your team. Coming together after a good night’s sleep, your team members will be motivated and excited. As a company, offering flexible work hours can also help in recruiting the best employees.

Sleeping is not a dispensable luxury you can skip. Adults require 7-8 hours of quality sleep and if you have trouble sleeping, consult your healthcare provider. Most practitioners have now incorporated telemedicine into their practice which eliminates the need of a physical visit to a medical facility.

Our society associates sleep with laziness or inefficiency when the truth is far from it. Everyone has twenty-four hours in a day to maximize and from which you should give sleeping seven to eight hours. By sacrificing your beauty sleep you are welcoming many health and lifestyle risks that can potentially harm you forever.

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