Don’t give up on the things you love

First and foremost, you do not have to give up doing the things you love. It is a common misconception that if you have a disability, that you can’t enjoy doing most things. Thankfully, this is not true. However, due to your disability you may have to change the way you participate in those activities. For instance, if you once loved painting but you’re bedridden, you can find creative ways to bring the paint brush to you. Another example is if you once loved dancing, but you are now stuck in a wheelchair. If this is the case, you just have to take dancing from a new perspective. You can teach others or you can learn to dance in a new, creative way that does not require too many strenuous moves. You may also consider researching free dance classes specifically designed for people bound in wheelchairs.

There are a variety of ways to enjoy every activity so that you may continue to do what you love. When you begin experimenting and letting yourself have fun, your quality of life will improve.

Make life at home easier

The second most important thing is that you make living at home as comfortable as possible. It is one thing to learn to adapt to a life with a disability, but it is another to overcome obstacles in your own home every day. There are many things that you can do to improve your quality of life at home. One example is making your home wheelchair/handicap accessible. This may mean installing an easy climber elevator so that you can get up and downstairs easily. Or this may mean hiring someone to build you a ramp to the driveway from the front door. No matter what you need, it is important to know that you have options. The last thing anyone wants to do is to be forced to move from their beloved home to an assisted living facility due to a disability. So, start your research so that you do not have added stress due to an easy fix.

Stay social

Another extremely important thing to remember is to stay social. It is very easy to isolate yourself from friends and family due to immobility or pain, but this can quickly lead to depression. If it is possible, challenge yourself to leave the house at least once or twice a week (not including doctor appointments) so that you can socialize. A healthy social life can bring you and your immediate family a lot of happiness. If it is not possible for you to leave the house, then challenge yourself by inviting people over once or twice a week to visit with you. You can order take out food for them or encourage them to bring their favorite dish. A meal is a great excuse to get together with people and it will give you an opportunity to laugh and have fun.

Just take a walk or go outside

Natural sunlight is one of natures best gifts to us. If the weather permits it, take a ride up the street in your wheelchair, or even just to the backyard. The fresh air, sun and wind will all change your mood. Just being outside can have a major impact on your daily outlook on life. However, if you are in a place where you can’t go outside, open the shades to the closest window and let the breeze in. This can be just as effective as going outside. Sitting in the dark 24/7 is no way to live. So next time you need an energy boost, just simply get some sun and watch how it positively affects your mood.