Month: February 2018

Why We Still Have the Electoral College

Every four years, on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, Americans go to the polls to elect a President. Many citizens cast their vote and then watch the spectacle of democracy in action as votes are tallied and campaigns either bask in the glory of victory or heal the wounds of defeat. While supporters fight to raise support across the nation, it can be a stressful time for many. And obviously, the primary focus of the candidate is to reach the magic number of 270 electoral votes. Electoral votes are allocated based on the results of...

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5 Tips to Defeat Depression

1. Refrain From Isolating Yourself From People A good way to defeat depression is to avoid isolating yourself from others. Isolation can be good, but like anything, too much of it can also bad for you. When you isolate yourself from people, you tend to start feeling this emptiness within you and your mind starts to wonder about these things that make you depressed. This, in turn, can make you even more depressed than you already were. In contrast to isolation, surrounding yourself with people can be better than not doing so. It is often good to be with...

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