Month: January 2018

5 Reasons to Care for an Aging Parent at Home

If you’re worrying over the future of your aging parent, you’re not alone. Deciding on care for family members often feels incredibly daunting and can cause many to lose sleep at night. In most cases, the inner debate whittles down to one question: to place your parent in a nursing facility, or to care for them at home? Although each side of the coin comes with its own set of benefits, they also have corresponding drawbacks. Many adult children feel overwhelmed by the thought of taking constant care of their aging loved one, opting instead to place them with...

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How to Deal With Changes in Life and Work

Things are never going to be easy in your life. Some people catch more breaks than others. It might make you irritated to see all the chances other people get while you sit there working as hard as you can to get noticed. There may be nothing you can do at the moment to truly change your life. You could be hoping that you were going to move to California for this awesome new job. You may have hoped it truly would happen, especially given how much you wanted to live on the West Coast. However, someone else ended...

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Using Essential Oils for Anxiety and Stress

Due to daily activities and our own ability to cope, many individuals are prone to stress and anxiety while trying to balance between work, family, and leisure. It is common to get anxious and worry about different things. This is always made worse by fatigue, restlessness, and tension. Other factors that contribute to stress and anxiety include: Trauma- if you have undergone abuse or lost a loved one, you are likely to get stressed and anxious due to all the negative emotions that you have to deal with. Medical factors- anxiety is sometimes associated with factors like anemia, asthma,...

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Five Ways You Can Support The Mental Health of People of Color

So you consider yourself one of those mythical “Good White People” that people of color often hear about but rarely encounter. More than that, you actually want to do your part in battling racism. Maybe you have PoCs in your life and you realize it would behoove you to educate yourself on the issues of race. Perhaps the Trump Administration has been a Come To Jesus moment that has galvanized you to take action in battling bigotry. Or maybe you just want to be a better person than you are now and want to do some good in the...

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