Month: November 2017

Substance Abuse in the Elderly: Signs and Consequences

There are currently more than 2.5 million senior adults in the USA battling substance addiction with between 6 and 11% of elderly hospital admissions being due to these problems. There are countless reasons for turning to substance abuse later in life such as life-changing events or health-related issues that can take an emotional toll on a person. Potential triggers include retirement, the death of a spouse, relocation, insomnia or family conflict.  Any of these events can provoke abusive behavior that may result in full-scale addiction. Substance abuse amongst the elderly is especially dangerous because seniors are much more vulnerable to the...

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8 Ways Parents Can Help Prevent Teen Bullying

The teen years are a time when bullying behaviors tend to increase. While it is upsetting to think that your child may be bullied, it is reassuring to know that adults play a vital role in keeping kids safe from negative peer influences. Help prevent teen bullying by adding these anti-bullying strategies to your parenting plan so that you can do your part to help every child grow up in a safer environment. 1. Keep Communication Open A child who is bullied often feels embarrassed about what is happening. Alternatively, they may even feel guilty or believe that the...

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Four Ways to Cope After Your Child’s Death

“The death of a child is one of the most painful events that an adult can experience and is linked to complicated/traumatic grief reactions,” writes Catherine H. Rogers and others. If your child has died, the grief you have experienced is incredibly painful and not something any person should have to endure. What becomes obvious, however, is the need to fight this pain. You eventually need to live your life and do not want to focus your entire life on something so tragic. One of your goals might be to move your life forward and remember your child fondly....

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The Case for Donald Trump

How The 45th Regime Is Doing Wonders for My mental health Many of you may know the story (or one variation thereof) of the oracle Cassandra of Greek mythology fame; not to be confused with DC Comics’ the Oracle or Cassandra Cain, the awesome heroines of modern-day mythology fame. Cursed by the gods, Cassandra was blessed and cursed with prophetic sight that would be believed by none. She could foretell the future and even though people knew she was a seer, no one listened to her or believed her. I said it back in high school, I said it...

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