Month: April 2017

Translating Mental Illness

I’ve worked as a life coach for a little over two years, while having previously had a few years of experience working in a psychiatric hospital. Maybe it’s my own demons that allow me to have a sort of insight into mental illness, or perhaps everybody has a gift and mine is understanding the misunderstood. Whatever the case is, mental illnesses usually follow a pattern to one another. While this isn’t quite the revelation that many professionals hope to uncover, there’s quite a bit to build off of as far as the effectiveness of communicating with those who suffering...

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Narcissus and Pan: Dancing Like Nobody’s Watching

In mythology, Narcissus was a man so beautiful, he fell in love with his own reflection as seen in a pool of water and never got up again, making him the epitome of self-obsession. Pan, on the other hand, was a god who delighted in running around forests naked, doing exactly what he cared to without any thought of what others might think of him, or indeed morality. In our social interactions, there’s a little of either inclination to be found. We all want to stand out…just not too much. We’ll agree with the political opinions of those around...

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Natural Ways to Deal with Anxiety

We all face anxiety on occasion, like before making an important presentation at work, attending a job interview, or waiting for test results. You’ll recognize an increase in your heart rate and breathing rate, as your body prepares to deal with a potential threat. This resolves pretty quickly, though, once the threat passes. For some people, chronic anxiety can be a debilitating condition that not only impacts mental health, but physical health as well. Frequent anxiety can lead to issues with family, career, and social responsibilities – as well as dealing with the constant presence of your body’s “fight...

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Eating Disorders In Teen and Ways to Prevent Them

eating disorders, which revolve around food consumption and body weight are the most common physiological and emotional problems found among teens these days. These disorders can either make a person consume excessive food or compel him/her toward the opposite, which is insufficient food intake, this can prove to be life-threatening under certain circumstances. Common eating disorders include Anorexia Nervosa, binge eating disorder, and Bulimia and all of them have an extremely severe impact on a person’s health. All most all the eating disorders are characterized by strong attitudes, acute emotions and extreme behaviors associated with food consumption and weight....

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Strengthen Your Brain with the Use of Turmeric

Most spices have very powerful medicinal properties. This is why they have been used to promote healing for thousands of years before the introduction of the patented synthetic drugs. Even so, some of the spices are more useful and powerful than others. One of the stars is turmeric. This is a spice with a long history of medicinal use more so in the traditional Chinese medicine as well as Ayurveda. Although turmeric has many ingredients that make it an effective medicinal spice, curcumin is the most studied bioactive ingredient. This is an ingredient that shows more than 150 potentially...

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